The focus of each weekly meeting is to learn traditional marching and drill routines, but cadets learn much more than the drill itself. Greys learn discipline and the habits of orderliness. They develop leadership capabilities, learning how to motivate others, to deal with subordinates firmly, but respectfully and to lead a group of peers. These elements of leadership will help them in all areas of their school lives now and with their jobs and families later in life.

There are occasional lectures on American history. Two formal reviews are held each year in Winter and Spring. The cadets do enjoy relaxation time together too! There are regular pizza and movie parties. Throughout the year, there are also various optional special events, color guard participation and weekend trips to visit interesting places in and around New York City and the surrounding areas.

Amongst all of these activities is the camaraderie and spirit of doing things together. Whether it involves learning respect for American history and for those who fought for the freedoms we can take for granted, teaching new cadets a drill routine, or helping a fellow cadet deal with being a teenager in New York City, senior members of the Greys share their leadership and experience with the younger members of the corps. Greys learn and teach each other by example, not through lectures.

Many Greys have gone on to great careers, and to serve their communities in untold and unsung ways. Some have come back to be honored by the Veterans Corps of the Greys or by the Cadets themselves. All have been touched by the discipline, orderliness, fairness and kindness that characterized their experience in the Knickerbocker Greys.

when and where do the greys meet?
who can join the greys?

frequently asked questions

Membership in the Knickerbocker Greys is available to boys and girls of good character ages 6 to 16. Anyone interested in joining the Corps is welcome to attend one of the weekly drills to see first-hand what a session is like, and to meet with one of the members of the Board, who will be pleased to discuss the Corps with them.  

Since 1902, The Knickerbocker Greys meet each Tuesday afternoon during the school year, from 5:15 - 6:30pm in their Headquarters at the historic Park Avenue Armory between 66th and 67th Streets.

Are the greys a military organization?

The Knickerbocker Greys are not a military organization and have no official relationship with the armed forces. The Knickerbocker Greys is best described as a patriotic, historical and fun organization with an underlying organizational structure modeled on that of the US Armed Forces.

Knickerbocker Greys